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Our Mission

We provide a sports funding and commercial sports sponsorship platform for serious sports people, teams, clubs or events and brands aiming to raise money.

Being aware of the financial struggle most athletes go through, we decided to do something about it. Most athletes trying to be the best at what they do have one constant worry – money. Competing effectively internationally requires a lot of sports funding, which is mainly provided by family and friends, with shrinking availability from many sports governing bodies.

Through sports crowdfunding we can help our athletes to become the best they can be, making their countries proud and allowing you to join their journeys and share their dreams.

Our platform

We are the European leader in crowdfunding for sport and operate in 27 countries on three continents.

Our award-winning sports crowdfunding platform gives sports people and the chance to raise sports sponsorship to pursue their dreams.  At the same time they build their profile and fanbase through their fundraising campaign on PledgeSports, providing them with more solid support as they continue their careers.

We bring athletes, sports fans, and commercial sponsors together online and will help any sports-related project including:

Films /Documentarys
Sports Brands

- Founder & CEO, Richard Pearson